Super Sole

I am so thrilled that single-sole pumps are back.  I never really understood the wild triple-platform craziness that seemed to take over the shoe universe for years, rendering shoes higher and higher each season, to the point that I wondered how people could walk at all in “fashionable shoes.”  Whenever I started to feel like I was the only one who wasn’t wearing shoes with five inch soles, I thought of Jackie Kennedy and felt nearly certain that she’d never have worn over-the-top platform pumps.  I understand that platforms are comfortable, and I don’t mind a tiny hint of a platform, if it’s well hidden, but if you want to see a shoe that will never go out of style, it’s got to have a single sole.

So color me giddy that single soles are back at the forefront of shoedom.  They are simple and sexy and flattering.  They don’t look like animal hooves, which I see as a plus in footwear.

If I could only have one pair of heels, they’d be a single sole pair of black pointy pumps like these or these.  Just gorgeous.  And timeless.  I feel pretty certain that Jackie would approve.

Black heels: Jimmy Choo (I also love these suede ones)


  • One can never go wrong with a pretty classic black pump and those Choos are just perfect!


    • Alexandra

      I agree!! When in doubt, black pumps almost always work. I can’t imagine what I’d do without mine. 🙂