Girls in Ties

I love this picture, mostly because the women in it look so happy.  It also makes me consider just how far I’d take the menswear trend.  I have to say that I do love the concept.  I just love women wearing menswear generally.  I love the comeback of suits.  I love loafers, oxfords, and brogues.  Do I want to dress exactly like Elbar Elbaz (to me, that’s what the woman in the center of the above picture reminds me of). . . well, no, I do not.  Personally, I’d never rock a bow tie, but that’s just me (and also, the fact that I don’t really like to wear bows of any type).

But this photo shows that it’s possible to just go all out and rock a full suit and tie and look lovely doing so.  It’s also, to me, a sign of just how far a smile and joyful demeanor will take you in looking impeccable, regardless of your choice of outfit.

Here are some of my favorite menswear shoe finds rights now (which also look great with shorts, skirts, and dresses):


Happy Monday!

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  • sandra

    i’ve totally been digging the menswear shoe for fall!

    • Sandra-
      Me too!! I’ve loved them for a while, and I’m so glad they’re sticking around!

  • Lovin’ the menswear influences and what a great selection of shoes! So into brogues right now. 🙂


    • Theresa-
      I agree! Somehow, brogues make everything look that much cooler!

  • Ah this is such a strong photo! The one in the middle is really ballsy to wear that look and pull it off. I love menswear on women, too, and have been eyeing a lot of brogues for Fall. I love the quirkiness of rolling up the trousers…

    • Alexandra

      Aliya- I agree, she looks so cool and unique! I love when people just go for it like that (even if I’m not one of them).