A great pair of jeans is close to priceless.  After all, what in your closet do you get more wear out of than a perfect, flattering pair of jeans?  I can’t think of anything that better meets the cost-per-wear analysis.

My favorite pair of jeans in ages is the Rag & Bone Dre jean (here we are, in fact).  The salespeople in Rag & Bone described them as “skinny boyfriend jeans.”  This was a novel concept to me, and I immediately latched on (after all, this is a combination of the two types of jeans I’ve been vascillating between for the past year or two).  When I told my husband about it, he demanded to know what made them “boyfriend” jeans, if they are skinny.  Fair point.  I can’t answer that, except to say “you can roll them, which one often does with boyfriend jeans.”  This sounds official (and plausible), no?

Anyway, it’s clearly not just me who adores these jeans.  Upon doing a very complex Google search on the matter, I discovered that numerous stylish gals, the likes of which include Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, have been sporting these for months as well.  So, don’t take my word for it.  Feel free to take Gwyneth and Cameron’s.  But I think you’ll be happy if you do, because somehow these jeans are both uber-stylish and crazy flattering (read: slimming).

See?  Doesn’t Gwyneth look happy?  You can find them here (be sure to size down, though, as they run big.  And P.S. This will make you feel even thinner!)

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  • Those are cute jeans! I tend to stay away from anything too skinny, but maybe I’ll give these a try!

    • Callie-
      They’re such a great combination of the boyfriend and skinny looks! I don’t know why someone didn’t think of it sooner, because they’re sooo good!!

  • I love these jeans too! I’m so happy to see this post, because I wanted to get them earlier in the year and they didn’t have my size. Somehow, I totally forgot that I wanted them. Thanks for the reminder!!

    Hope you’re enjoying your week,

  • Candace

    I hv been lkng for these but only in the ‘wells’
    Wash but cannot find them in my sz anywhr!!
    If anyone can help me find a sz 27-28 in these
    I’d so appreciate it. Thanks so much for the post,
    They lk so perfect!