On Top of It All

If there’s one piece of clothing I wear more than any other it’s a grey cardigan.  They’re perfect to throw over just about anything, from sundresses (hello, super high air conditioning, and San Francisco “summer,” which is akin to late Fall just about everywhere else) to jeans and button-downs.  So when I ran across this new one from Equipment, it immediately became one of my must haves.

This sweater’s got a great boyfriend quality to it, while still being structured and nicely fitted.  The slanted pockets add an interesting detail and flattering element.  So, what’s not to love, I ask you?

This could easily be the cherry on top of a thousand different outfits.  You can find it here.


  • sandra

    i am lusting after every equipment sweater right now. so basic but so fabulous!

  • Ohh, love this one! I love my Equipment blouses but have never tried their sweaters. The slant pockets are ideal for someone “blessed” in the hip area like myself!

    • Lauren-
      I hear you; I’m similarly “blessed”! 😉

  • I agree with you 100% about grey cardigans. I can’t get enough of them along with grey tees! 😉