Style Inspiration: Viviana Volpicella

Viviana Volpicella’s outfits look like joy embodied.  Normally they include a riot of color, tons of bright accessories, and a fabulous bag and shoe combination.  Just last week she was photographed wearing a vibrantly printed skirt, a striped menswear shirt, a brightly embroidered bag, an armful of wildly fun bracelets, a fedora, and striped open-toe pumps.  It’s like a boat-load of happiness in one get-up.

I find Viviana’s style incredibly inspiring.  It’s bold, colorful, unexpected, and exciting.  If her outfits don’t make you smile, then it’s likely that you’re just not susceptible to fashion-related  euphoria.

You can find her incredible hula skirt-inspired bracelets here, and shop her entire look here:



Happy Monday!!

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  • she really is just perfect. She has this incredible fashion talent for combining the seemingly non-combinable… love her style!

    • Alexandra

      I agree!! The combinations she uses are truly inspiring!

  • That skirt is so freaking amazing and she styled it to perfection. She totally pulls off such great looks. Inspiring for sure!


    • Theresa-
      Her style just kills me!!! And her armful of bracelets always makes me wish I looked as cool with a bunch on my arm!