Camouflaging Fall

Don’t you love when you see someone dressed so impeccably that you feel instantly inspired (and want to replicate her look as soon as possible)?  This happened to me this weekend, when I saw a woman at the local children’s museum dressed beautifully (albeit in a pretty low-key way).

The thing that first struck me was her needlepoint camouflage-print loafers.  Though I normally am not the world’s biggest camo-wearer, these shoes looked so chic (and different) that I had to run up to her and ask her who made them.  Stubbs and Wooten, come to find out.

Click below to find out all about it…

And the rest of her outfit, including white cut-off jean shorts, a white tee, grey cardigan, and white beaded necklace was so perfectly understated (and so ripe for the wearing in lots of different combinations), I was wowed and made sure I told the woman.

Now, a few days later, I’m in something of a full-on camo-obsession.  It’s huge this Fall (in fact, even Valentino is doing camo for Fall), and there are so many cool options out there.  Personally, I’ve so far opted for this scarf, and am hungrily eyeing the shoes I saw on that well-appointed woman.

Have you ever gone up to someone to ask where they found something they’re wearing?  (Or do you think I’m nuts?)

1. Tee: Velvet by Graham and Spencer / 2. Necklace: Adia Kibur / 3. Cardigan: Equipment / 4. Loafers: Stubbs and Wooten / 5. Jean Shorts: DL 1961


  • Sandra Camp

    Dude you nailed it. I have been DREAMING and obsessing about these shoes. Like OBSESSED I so wish I had this outfit on right now!

    • Alexandra

      I am with you, sister!! I love it a thousand times over.

  • Those shoes are really cool and the whole combo is just great it’s no wonder why you stopped on asked her. And no, I don’t think you’re crazy for doing that at all! 🙂


    • I’m glad to hear that, Theresa!! Because I didn’t give it a moment’s hesitation, until after I did it… when I started to wonder if that was crazy!!