My Beauty Essentials

My Beauty Essentials

I love trying new beauty products, but I keep my day to day makeup pretty simple.  I like to do my makeup quickly, by which I mean in under five minutes (because, for one thing, young kids don’t love to wait around quietly while you do your makeup.  But I’m also usually rushing around and don’t have time to spare.)  So I like to focus on products that are perfect and get the job done.  And fast.

Over the years I’ve narrowed my beauty routine to a handful of products that I swear by.  They’re pleasing to all the senses– they all have great texture (that’s very important to me), they last all day (with the possible exception of the lip balm, which I do love to reapply because I seriously dislike dry lips), if they have a scent at all (which most don’t), it’s a pleasant one, and obviously they look great (and natural, because if you want to do your makeup in five minutes, you’re not going to have time for any kind of craziness).

Here are the beauty products I can’t live without (clockwise from top left):

Foundation: Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation (and I love to apply it with the Chantecaille foundation brush— I used to always use my fingers to apply foundation, but I love how this brush works with the foundation).  Apparently, it’s Angelina Jolie’s favorite too, so it has that going for it as well.

Mascara: Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara— it smells ever so faintly of fresh rose petals, which makes me smile every time I put it on.

Blush/Highlighter/Bronzer/Translucent Powder: Trish McEvoy Illuminating Cream Palette

Blush Brush (which I use for any powder or non-cream blush application): Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush

Concealer: Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer

Lip Balm: Sisley Confort Extreme Levres

The one thing I do switch up with any frequency is lip gloss, but my favorite is still this one.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!!  Hard to believe it’s one of the last weekends of summer, isn’t it?


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