Serena and Lily’s Beach Market (is a Must)

The Serena & Lily catalog is full of interesting finds for your home– from cool rugs and printed pillows to interesting bedding (for adults and children) and great furniture.  I have a bunch of pieces of theirs in my home (like this metallic rug and these chairs in my kids’ rooms– they were perfect to rock them to sleep in when they were babies, and now they’re great to snuggle in during book time).  But their new store in Wainscott, New York (in Long Island’s Hamptons) was truly a surprise.  It is full of beautiful items for the home, as well as cool accessories and finds for the beach (many of which are only available at the store).  Even from the outside of the store, you can tell it’s a special spot– the design is gorgeous, with its open doors, potted plants, and striped awning.

But inside, all sorts of wonders await.  The crisp white setting (from ceiling to floor) is the perfect backdrop for all the beautiful colors and patterns that are displayed throughout.  From brightly hued (and flamingo festooned) beach towels to gorgeous glass beaded necklaces and neon or sequin-bedazzled basket bags.  I literally gasped when I saw the neon painted salad bowls.  And their art is both lovely and well-priced, which can be a difficult combination to achieve (I love this piece and this one).

The space, itself, is an inspiration.  And all the items inside lend themselves to daydreaming about ways to make use of them in your home.  Serena & Lily (which is based in Sausalito, California, right over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco) has always had gorgeous home decor items (and their catalog is full of ideas for decorating your own home), but their store takes all that inspiration to another level.  I can’t wait to go back.

Serena and Lily Beach Market is located at 332 Montauk Hwy, Wainscott, NY and can be reached at (631) 537-5544


  • sandra

    one of the best home stores i’ve ever visited! thanks for introducing me 🙂 great images- definitely captured the vibe there 🙂

    • Alexandra

      Sandra– I’m so glad you liked it (and think the pictures did it justice). I think it’s such a fab place. 🙂