Two J. Crew Dresses to Launch You Into Fall

J. Crew Fall Dresses

J. Crew is killing it for Fall.  They have designed a collection full of covetable pieces in classic shapes and rich fabrics.  I was already smitten with the contrasting print dress above on the right.  It’s so unique, with its mixed patterns and silken take on the traditional shirtdress.  It’s perfect to dress up or down (I love it with loafers as styled above).  And when I saw the trench dress on the left for the first time, it kind of took my breath away.  It’s a classic and right for so many occasions.  But it’s also a new spin on J. Crew’s tried and true formula.

Though J. Crew is becoming known for spinning traditional pieces into of-the-moment objects of lust, the blue trench dress seems like it could have been designed by Burberry or Celine.  So its much more wallet-friendly price makes it all the more enticing.

I’m started to get seriously excited for Fall dressing.  And J. Crew is intensifying my excitement.  These two dresses will launch you into Fall head first.

On the left: Navy trench dress / On the right: Dual Foulard Shirtdress


  • Lovin’ everything about that print dress. What a great piece. And the styling with those bright loafers is a fun touch. J crew is really on top of their game for sure!


  • I love the trench dress and am so ready for fall!