A Few Things I’m Loving Right Now

A Few Things I'm Loving Right Now 17

ONE/ Have you seen the latest Dior ads with Jennifer Lawrence looking fresh faced and gorgeous?  Even more gorgeous than usual? I love that it looks like she has barely any makeup on at all (save for some pale gold eye shadow).  I was pretty smitten with JLaw to begin with, but these ads have me even more taken.  Her laid back (by Dior standards) clothing and barefaced beauty have really struck a chord.  They’re cutting edge in their simplicity.

TWO/ I read an article in GQ a few weeks ago, where Jenna Lyons gave her own version of her “Few Things She’s Loving Right Now,” and two of them have already made my list.  First, are these Chimala jeans for Madewell.  According to Jenna (one of my all-time girl crushes– isn’t she everyone’s??), every Chimala piece is “made by a woman in Japan who finishes everything by hand” (which, I guess, helps explain their price?).  These jeans are my current go-to’s– I love their shape and slightly cropped length.  They really let you show off your shoes (which is one of my goals in a given day).  I’m also eyeing this white version for down the line.

THREE/ I am a major fan of Norah Ephron and was really saddened by her death earlier in the year.  Nora’s sister (and sometimes writing partner), Deliah, has written a book that has totally captured me.  It’s called Sister Mother Husband Dog: Etc., and the first chapter is, fittingly, about Nora and Delia’s relationship.  The essays are captivating and thoughtful, and also bear the effervescent wit that so marked the work Nora was known for.  I’m loving it.

FOUR/ Gelly Roll Pens are another fave of Jenna Lyons that I now count as one of my own.  As a major pen snob, it takes a lot to impress me (or cause me to shift allegiences– I normally buy my favorite pens in bulk from Amazon– yes, I know I’m a total nerd); but these ones are goooood.  They write incredibly smoothly and feel great in your hand.  Touché, Jenna!

FIVE/ I started to really fall for KIND Bars (which are basically the highest evolution of a protein bar) this summer (specifically, I was really into their pomegranate flavor).  Recently I found the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt flavor and I am totally head-over-heels for them.  I try to plan ahead when I can fit one into my day (a sure sign of an obsession).

SIX/ I have never been a fan of red nail polish.  I normally only wear nudes or pinks on my fingernails (with occasional breaks for a grey, or very rarely, black).  Red just never felt like me, and it can feel a bit garish on my super-pale skin (though I love it on other people).  Well, that’s all changed now that I’ve found Chanel Rouge Noir.  It is a dark red that feels totally neutral.  Instead of constantly being aware of my nails and feeling odd about them (which is normally what happens when I have an “out-of-the-box” shade on), I just love how my nails look and am currently planning on getting a second manicure in a row with it.  Unheard of (and kind of exciting, in my clearly not-terribly-exciting life).

Happy Thursday!

ONE Dior Ad / TWO Chimala Ankle Jeans for Madewell / THREE Sister Mother Husband Dog: Etc. / FOUR Gelly Roll Pens / FIVE KIND Bars / SIX Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish

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