Canine Conundrum


We’ve been on a little bit of a roller coaster around here.  I mentioned that we were thinking of adopting a precious little fluff ball of a puppy from the local shelter.  The whole family fell in love with her, we’d come up with a name for her,  we’d bought her a bowl.  My son and I were on the way to the shelter to say hello and finalize things, when I got a call saying that the manager of the shelter had decided that the puppy couldn’t go to a family with young kids.

Cue the communal heartbreak.  My son kept saying, “I’m sooo sad, Mommy.”  And all I could say back was, “Me too, Baby.”

Oy.  But after getting over the initial heartbreak, I sprang into action.  I couldn’t just sit there; we’d all been so excited, I had to do something to move past the sadness.

So, I started investigating puppies and found myself drawn to some precious Labradoodles.  And that’s where we are right now.

Except now the nerves have kicked in, and I’m gradually remembering the reality of life with a puppy. (It ain’t easy; and, while the last time we did it, my husband and I were by ourselves, this time we have kids too.  Which means we’re already tired and don’t have much free time.  But we also are already walking one dog.)

So, that’s where we are at the moment.  Feeling a little bit raw and confused.  Hopeful and scurred.

What do you think?  I could use your help. . . .

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