Summer Days

Summer Chairs

I sometimes feel like I spend the whole year looking forward to summer, and then those three months pass in a blink.  There is so much to do, so much fun to be had, that it moves at lightening pace.  And now it’s quickly becoming a hazy dream.

Our month on the East Coast was a lovely blur of sunshine, visits with family and friends, swim lessons, frog catching, outdoor concerts, ice cream, and all the wonders of summer.

This is my favorite picture of the summer.  It reminds me of a happy day, and it encompasses so much of what I love about summer: bright colors, abundant sunshine, joyful smiles, bellies full of ice cream.

And now we enter a new phase.  The beginning of a new school year.  New York Fashion Week begins, ushering in the future. Soon there will be pumpkins, leaves falling, warm coats. . . .

A new season is upon us, with all that entails.  Kind of exciting, isn’t it?

I hope your summer was wonderful!  Welcome Fall!

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  • MJ

    Gotta love those summer Babies…love love love