The Marathon

paper flowers

Okay, people, I’m just going to say it.  I’m exhausted.  Like, go-to-bed-at-7pm (which I never do) exhausted.  And, “why is this?” you might ask.  Because it’s September.

I once heard September referred to as the Mother Olympics (which could, of course, also be considered the Parent Olympics, depending who’s doing the majority of these things.  But when there’s a mother involved, it’s often on her.).  There are a million and one things to do to get kids ready for back to school– the planning, the scheduling, the shopping, the doctor’s appointments, the drop offs (which may or may not coordinate with each other, if your kids are at different schools), the pick ups, the after school activities, the Back-to-School nights, etc., etc.  Coming off the relative unscheduled bliss of summer, this can come as a shock to anyone’s system (not to mention the kids’ systems, which are bound to be wondering which way is up with all the changes going on).

On top of all this, I managed to give birth to two kids with birthdays 11 days apart right in the middle of this firestorm.  We make a big deal of birthdays in my house (and, thanks to a tradition started by my mother, we don’t confine the celebration to just one day).  So, on top of the back-to-school madness, I’ve had roughly two weeks of excitement and revelry (which is fun, of course, but also requires a certain level of parent preparedness and stamina).

So, I’m just wiped.  I thought I’d let you know, not because I like to kvetch (because, generally, I don’t), but because I believe in the power of honesty.  And, in case you were wondering (or might be in the same boat), I thought I’d let you know.

So I’m planning on sleeping as long as I can tonight (provided my three year old doesn’t wake up sick or with nightmares, as he’s also been doing lately).

Because tomorrow I have to start on the thank you notes.

Oh, and we’re trying to adopt a new puppy; this precious wonder of the animal kingdom:

Cocoa Puff

Which means I definitely need all the rest I can get.



  • sandra

    i hear ya on the marathon sister- it is so exhausting. cute pup- but why adopt one when you can have one of mine?! just pray it doesn’t poop all over your brand new rugs like our little one- 4 rugs sent to get washed in a month- oy!

    • Sandra-
      Too bad we can’t spread some of it out throughout the year or something, huh? Yeah, I’m hoping for the best if we do get a new pup, because it can be exhausting in its own right!!