Wear Now (And Later): Culottes


A growing theme has been established already in the Spring 2014 collections, and I couldn’t be more excited about it: the reemergence of culottes.  Proenza Schouler showed this fabulous version, and they weren’t alone.  Even Victoria Beckham came out at the end of her show wearing them, which must mean something (as she always looks uber-chic, even in situations where a mere mortal with four children would look like the cat dragged her in).

Wide-legged pants are also having a moment, and culottes are simply a shorter version of those.  But they are oh, so much more than that too.  There’s just something cool and stylish about a culotte.  It says, “No, I don’t need my pants to touch the ground, or even to come close, for that matter.  I march to the beat of my own drum.  And I do it wearing a piece of clothing that is part pant, part short, part skirt.  Because I refuse to choose.”  Or something like that.

I’m really excited to see the momentum gathering behind culottes.  I am looking forward to many opportunities to wear them myself (again, as I did here).  But I also found that there are plenty of culottes to be had now, so we don’t have to wait until Spring to adopt this cutting-edge look.

I found some great options, pictured above.  And there’s also this cool pair from ASOS.  Which is your favorite?

1. Giulietta New York Culotte Trousers /2. Labour of Love Leopard Culottes / 3. Simone Rocha Pink Culottes / 4. Acne Chime Leather Culottes / 5. Simone Rocha Black Culottes


  • Totally loving the leather ones!! Always really liked culottes and yours are one of my faves for sure! 🙂


    • Aren’t those leather culottes amazing? Too bad they’re so pricey, because I love them. You’d look so rad in them!