A Pupdate


The last installment of As The Puppy Turns (our family saga involving a puppy, which began here, and continued here) left off with me backtracking and wondering whether to get a puppy, after all. I requested the help of my dear readers (that’s you), hoping that you could clear up the dilemma for me.  I knew I had to make the ultimate decision (well, my family and I), but I was really wishing for some strong guidance one way or the other.  And what did you say?

*Crickets*  Nothing.  No help at all!!

Well, that’s not entirely true.  A bunch of people who read the blog told me in real life what they thought I should do, but no one commented here.  Okay, I understand if you hesitated to go on the record with your recommendations, but I need you!  Remember that, because I have a new question for you. . . .

Well, the decision’s been made.  We’re getting the sweet little ball of fluff above!!  I’m super excited (and a little nervous about life with a new puppy).  The last time we had a puppy, she chewed on all sorts of things that weren’t meant to be chewed on (including, *gasp*, the very first pair of Manolo Blahniks I’d ever owned and would still be wearing to this day, were it not for her destruction.  They were seriously beautiful and totally timeless.  A black brushed satin strappy sandal with the perfect heel height.  Sigh.).

But, here’s where I’m really counting on you.  We need a name!  Thanks to the suggestions of my kids, we have the following list (which I’m happy to add to):  Coconut, Waffles, Rocket, and Linus (our other dog’s name is Lucy).  How about some other suggestions?  What do you think we should name this precious bit of fluffernutter?

Com’mon, peeps, I need your help!  Any and all suggestions are welcome.




  • Pamela Bucklinger

    How about Manolo?

    • Oooh, LOVE this!!! I KNEW you’d have an idea, Pam!!!

  • Your puppy is so cute! I think I’ll have to side with your kids and choose Waffles: an adorable, yummy name to match!

    Congratulations on your new addition,

    p.s. My daughter is jealous!

    • Thank you, Josephina! I like the way you think. Waffles is a pretty cute name. I just hope if we go with that one, I won’t feel crazy screaming it out at the dog park! 😉

      Maybe you need to get a puppy too?


  • I’m so glad you decided to get another puppy!! I made a mental note to email you about your puppy post and then it totally slipped my mind, womp womp. I really enjoy the name Waffles. Some others that I enjoy (from dogs i know) include: Digby (obviously), Scoops, Inspector Gadget and Sherlock.

    • Callie- Ooh, Scoops is so fun!! Those are all really fun names. Another vote in favor of Waffles, too? Wow, we may have to go with that one. 🙂


  • Kristen Tyson

    Love getting a quick Ali fix by checking your site. I vote waffles – it fits somehow.

    • Alexandra

      Hi Krissy!
      Waffles is proving to be quite popular. 🙂