All Torn Up

Stella McCartney plaid sweater Valentino My Own Code red clutch torn jeans

After years of resisting torn denim, I’m really feeling it right now.  Don’t ask me the reasoning behind the change; it’s just that the time has come for me to loosen my denim rules.  It doesn’t hurt that there are zillions of ways to wear ripped denim these days (and I’m still drawn torn the less torn variety, as opposed to the truly shredded, which is also out there to be had).  My favorite right now is this pair, pictured above, by AG.  Though they’re nearly sold out where I got mine, they are on super-sale here.  What better excuse to try them (in case you’re still questioning whether to dip your toe into the water of ripped denim).

Above is the outfit I’m dreaming of wearing with my distressed denim.  Because this Stella McCartney sweater combines something I’m loving these days (plaid) with something I’m always in need of at this time of year (warmth and coziness).  And some timeless Valentino accessories on top wouldn’t hurt, now would they?  Of course I’m happy to wear my distressed denim with my cozy plaid shirt that’s getting so many wears it now has a nickname around my house.  (My husband calls it my Paul Bunyan shirt, but I don’t mind because it’s so soft and comfy, I’m too busy feeling bad for him that he doesn’t have one.)

Sweater: Stella McCartney / Jeans: AG (also here) / Rockstud Flats: Valentino / Clutch: Valentino (and it can be monogrammed!)


  • That is exactly what I feel like wearing, right now 🙂

    • Alex-
      Me too!! I knew we had a lot in common!

  • sandra

    CANNOT believe you don’t own distressed jeans! so fab! glad you saw the light 🙂 hahaha

    • Right?? What was I thinking?