Another (Plaid) Option

Plaid shirt slip skirt

Just when I thought my love of plaid had reached its absolute peak, I saw this outfit on WhoWhatWear, and my amazement at plaid’s many options surged again.  Somehow, in my revelry, I’d forgotten about the possibility of plaid over a slip dress, under a chunky knit.  As I’m known to say around my house in incredulous tones, “What am I, nuts??”

Upon viewing this gorgeous outfit, I felt the sudden need for another plaid shirt.  Specifically, this one.  Because plaid’s no longer just for pairing with denim.  Or skirts.  Or tuxedo pants.  It works with dresses too.  The possibilities in my closet just expanded exponentially.  And the model’s red lip (which actually looks orangey– I’m guessing it’s Nars Heatwave) makes the whole look even more irresistible.  I’m dying to replicate the whole look.  Except the hat.  Because I’m not a hat person.  And I don’t want to be accused of complete outfit plagiarism.  Just partial awesome outfit plagiarism.

Plaid shirt slip dress 2

Happy Tuesday!

Photo Source: WhoWhatWear

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