Arresting Developments

T Magazine Out of This World white

T Magazine Out of This World black

We are saturated with images all day every day; so when an image stops you in your tracks, you know it’s something special.  Such was the case with these arresting images from this past weekend’s T Magazine.  Taken in Iceland, the stark landscape helps highlight the stunning black and white clothes.  The styling also draws attention to some news in fashion this Fall: black boots (whether lace-upbuckled, or studded— and even fringed!) go with everything (from short skirts to dresses to, of course, pants).

T Magazine Out of This World Black 2

I’ve found these photos completely captivating.  And now I’m coveting some studded boots (and harboring thoughts of a dress that’s short in front, long in back.  Why not?  Especially when it looks so good with the boots I am imagining in my closet)…

Photo Source: T Magazine


  • Stunning editorial and the Saint Laurent boots are amazing! Dreaming of the day they’ll wander into my closet 🙂 …

    • Alexandra

      Alex, I am with you. Those boots are so lustworthy!! I hope they’ll wander into my closet too.