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Whew.  This week was a doozy.  Between puppy chaos and a zillion other to-do’s (plus a random half-holiday on Monday, on which one of my two kids had school), this week has gone by in a blur.  I was happy to stop and notice the beautiful sky last night, as it stopped my world from spinning for a moment.

But now it’s Friday, and the weekend is nearly upon us!  I am excited to move at a slightly different pace (though our weekends have gotten busier this year than I’d like, thanks to a bunch of kid activities which are both fun and exhausting).

I am also excited because I bought a faux Christmas tree this year (!!), and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.  I feel I should explain, because this is out of character for my Christmas tradition-loving self.  Let me start by saying I like to get my tree early, so as to begin the holiday festivities.  Last year we got it the weekend after Thanksgiving (which was nearly a whole week earlier than it falls this year).  Given its spot in front of a window in the front of our house (and the concomitant greenhouse effect), the tree was dead by Christmas.  Not a good look.  Plus, the exhaustion of putting lights on the tree (in the special way my mother taught me, which somehow involves a zillion more lights than normal) seems to get worse every year.  I spend hours putting them on, then step back to realize that only 20% of the tree is covered, and I have hours left to go (before a single ornament is placed upon it).  So, darn it, I got a faux one.  It will last forever (so I could put it up now if I had it, which I wouldn’t do (probably), but still…), AND it’s pre-lit.  Win-win.  Now I wait for the UPS guy to arrive.

I am also thrilled that I found more of these harem pants in my son’s size.  It’s the only thing he wants to wear (which is slightly saddening, given the number of cute button-up pants in his drawer), but at least they’re cute and different.

Finally, I’ve started pinning great Christmas gift ideas, and I’ll be adding more all the time, so check out my finds here.  What are you (secretly or not) wishing for this holiday?

Have a happy, happy weekend!

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