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I am getting ready to get on a plane in a few hours.  Which, of course, means I’m still packing (I marvel at my friends who pack well in advance– I can’t even imagine doing that!).

I’m excited to spend Thanksgiving on the East Coast with family.  I’m nervous that I may freeze to death, though, because I feel cold now when it’s 50 degrees out in California.  So the crazy low temperatures they’re experiencing may knock me off my feet. At least I know I’ll be coming back to the relative warmth of San Francisco soon enough.  And I’ve packed a really warm coat (this one is great too).

Coming ahead here on In Jackie’s Shoes is the above outfit, which is actually built for warmth (not that you can tell from my bare ankles).  But it’s actually super warm on top, and I have a few ideas for making the bottom half warm as well.

I’m going to be needing the warmth.  And what about you?  What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Will it be warm where you are?

Sneakers: Comme des Garcons Play / Dress: Band of Outsiders

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  • Hope you have a wonderful trip! I’m sticking around LA and have family coming in. It should be wonderful although I secretly wish the snow would come my way 🙂