Playing Chicken

Mira Duma Rooster print A.W.A.K.E.

Well, “playing rooster” would be more exact.  This print by A.W.A.K.E. is totally fresh and eye-popping (while still incorporating classic black and white).  What a fun statement piece to layer in the many, many months of layering ahead!  It’s currently available on pre-order from Moda Operandi, and officially on my wish list.

And the print also comes in dress, shirt, skirt, pants, and short options, so you can get your rooster any way you’d like him.  And the line also carries my must-have for Spring 2014: culottes!!  LOVE.

Photo Source: Gastrochic


  • Currently obsessing over those Valentino shoes. To make matters even more complicated, they released several versions: short heel, high heel, narrow heel, big heel….going crazy over these decisions :))))

    Anyway, this rooster print is so high impact, I’m starting to really like it.

    • I am with you, Alex. These shoes are among my faves this season. I bought the high thick heel before I saw all the options. Now I wish I’d gotten shorter (because I’m not the best in high heels), but I love them nonetheless. I find the silly decisions are the hardest for me to make!! 😉

  • I think the chunky high heeled ones look amazing.
    I’m leaning towards black&white or nude&nude. What color did u get?
    And do you find them comfortable? I mean compared to other high heels.
    The toe box seems wider and that is usually a plus. Did’t get a chance to try them on, but can’t get them outta my head :)))