Welcome Home, Friday!

Grayson and Friday

This weekend we welcomed home our new puppy, whom our kids have named Friday.  Actually, to be completely accurate, they have named him Friday Waffles Wallaboo Singer, so he’ll never be at a loss for names.

It’s such fun to have a new puppy (and all of his crazy puppy energy) in the house.  Of course, it’s also exhausting (as puppies share a lot in common with babies of the human variety– such as crying in the middle of the night.)  So, the adventure begins. We’re very excited to have this new addition to our family.  Even if we’ll be needing extra naps around here to keep up with him.

Welcome, Friday!  And happy Monday everyone!


  • Doniece


  • sandra

    welcome home friday! can’t wait to meet you next month! xoxo

  • Your son is such a cutie pie! And welcome Friday (insert clapping hands smiley 🙂 )!

  • Yeah, congrats on the new pup!!! Can’t wait to see tons of pics 🙂