This picture of my son is an accurate depiction of how I’m feeling now: wiped.  Our East Coast adventure was wonderful, and I’ll have more to share with you about it this week.  But I’m feeling the effects of it now.  How do people travel back and forth between the coasts (or further) all the time without keeling over?  Well, maybe they don’t have kids whose internal clocks get so messed up that they go to bed even later and wake up even earlier while away?  Well, that’s my excuse for the exhaustion anyway.

I’m so tired that I didn’t even do any holiday shopping on Cyber Monday.  Did you?  Did you get great deals?  From the looks of my inundated email box, it looks like the sales were great.  In fact, I just discovered this awesome clutch (**corrected link) that I’ve had my eye on is on fab sale.  And how cute is this sweatshirt (in either color)?  And this wallet?  (Yes, I definitely have a thing for polka dots!)  And this gorgeous skirt.  And these beautiful green strappy heels (perfect for the holidays!)  And these stunning shoes had my eye ages ago, and now they’re 50% off!!  As is this fabulous printed skirt.  And these wild geometric heels— love.

And in a late-breaking addition– these shoes (one of my absolute favorites of the season) are on sale!  And in black, as well.

There’s a lot of great finds out there!  Happy Hunting!

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