Mixing It Up

plaid coat

plaid coat 2

Mixing prints continues to bring me great joy.  And among my favorites to combine are plaid and polka dots (when I’m not just mixing different plaids with each other).  I can’t quite put my finger on what about this makes me so gleeful, but I’m going to continue to run with it as long as the inspiration maintains.

Adding stripes to the blend only ups the ante.  And I’m not afraid to do that.

plaid coat 3

plaid coat 4plaid coat 5

plaid coat 9

plaid coat 7plaid coat 6

Nor am I afraid to take my shoes off on the cold concrete (though much less cold than if I were on the East Coast right now, thank the Lord).  After all, it can be vaguely more comfortable than high heels.

plaid + polka dot 2

plaid + polka dota

Nor am I (apparently) afraid to mix my own plaids with my son’s (who completely coincidentally has his matching plaid on as well).  I couldn’t have planned it better myself (if I’d planned it; which I swear I did not).  I was too busy mixing my own.

double plaid 2

double plaid

Coat: Céline (similar here and here) / Shirt: Birds of Paradis by Trovata (similar here) / Jeans: Victoria Beckham (similar here and here) / Shoes: Oscar de la Renta (similar here; and how fun are these?) / Purse: Céline (similar here and here) / Necklace: Khai Khai (It’s brother “Hip” lives here)

Photography by: Kim A. Thomas

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  • Super cute outfit! I love those shoes. And your son even has stripes on too! You two are really cute!