The Goldfinch

There’s not much I love more than a page-turner; a book whose world overtakes you, making it hard to put down.

That is how I feel about The Goldfinch, the book by Donna Tartt that everyone seems to be talking about.  I’m only a hundred pages in, but it’s already clear that the acclaim the book has garnered is totally deserved.

The subject matter might normally have scared me away.  It’s about a thirteen year-old boy who loses his mother in extraordinary circumstances and becomes obsessed with the painting that she loved.  The main character, however, is drawn so fully that it feels as though you’re with him through each step of his journey.  His voice is so realistic that sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s a novel.  That’s how gifted the author (whose other books I haven’t yet read, but which have also been highly acclaimed), Donna Tartt, is.

Whatever you’re doing, I think you should probably stop right now and go buy this book.  Particularly if you’re in one of the areas of the country that is experiencing crazy winter weather.  Why not just hole up and read an extraordinary book?

It’s pretty much all I feel like doing right now.  And I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Buy The Goldfinch here.

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