A Few Things I’m Loving Right Now

A Few Things I'm Loving Right Now 20

Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps!  I’m not that into Valentine’s Day, except that it’s super fun to celebrate with my kids (and I love just about any celebration for just about any reason), but I’ve got some fun things compiled here for you (some Valentine-related and some not).  I am including my dream Valentine’s Day gift, just in case anyone in the gift-giving mood is listening.

1/ I am really feeling the sweatshirt with just about any outfit (particularly fancy, untraditional sweatshirt pairings, like skirts and fancy pants) option right now.  And this Isabel Marant sweatshirt is a perfect candidate for pairing with everything from jeans to satin skirts.

2/ Many years after it was written, I ran across this interesting and hilarious article about why so many design bloggers (and employees of Martha Stewart) are Mormon.  I’ll admit I’d wondered it myself, and this piece by Emily Henderson made me laugh out loud (more than once).  It’s a good read.  Go for it!

3/ And if you’re looking for laughs, I highly recommend watching this video by the blogger behind Manrepeller, Leandra, and her husband, Abie.  They are so cute together, predictably hilarious, and it’s gratifying to know my husband isn’t the only one who loathes the boyfriend jeans/stiletto combination.

4/ Old school Adidas are back, y’all, and, along with sweatshirts, prime to be paired with all manner of wardrobe items.  These all white ones are my new faves, and I wore them to my early Valentine’s Day carb fiesta to prove it.

5/ If there were a Valentine’s Day fairy delivering people’s secret desires, I would be set to receive this gorgeous bag.  It is my no-longer-secret wish, and I’m going to dream of waking up to it in my closet.  (As an aside, when I was a child, I had an extremely realistic dream in which I awoke to find the clogs on which I’d had my heart set in my closet.  When I awoke for real, my heart literally hurt with the pain of realizing that the wooden-soled dream shoes were not in my closet.  Something tells me this dream may turn out the same.  Damn you Valentine Fairy!!)

Have a great weekend!  May your Valentine Fairy be extremely reliable.

1. Good Morning Tokyo sweatshirt / 2. Emily Henderson’s fab piece on why so many bloggers are Mormon / 3. The Manrepeller’s rad Valentine’s Day video with her husband / 4.  Adidas sneakers / 5. Saint Laurent bag (pleeeeeeease!)


  • That Man Repellar video is so endearing! I’ve read Emily Henderson’s article about why Mormon’s seem to be so uber talented and prolific in the design arena. It’s really enlightening and amusing!

    • Hi Vanessa! Somehow, I didn’t see your comment until now. The Man Repeller always makes me smile. She is such a unique and cool person. And I’m so glad I ran across the Emily Henderson article (even though I’m waaaaay late to the game).

      I hope you’re well! Your trip to CA looked amazing!!!