Statement Bags

Maria Duenas Jacobs

As much as I love seeing what’s coming down the runways during Fashion Month, I love equally (or more) seeing what people are wearing outside the shows.  After all, it’s often easier to take inspiration from the people outside the shows who are mixing multiple designers with the pieces they’ve pulled from their own closets than it is to imagine oneself walking down the street dressed head-to-toe like the models on the runway.

This look above is a perfect example.  Almost all the pieces are ones we all probably have in our own wardrobes.  And then there’s the statement bag that pulls it all together (and makes the whole thing stand out).  It’s all a testament to the power of a statement accessory (and it’s no surprise that the woman in the photograph, Maria Duenas Jacobs, is the Accessories Editor of Elle).  They can make a ho-hum outfit truly exceptional.

So here are some statement bags to brighten up your day (and your mid-winter outfits):

Photo Source: Fashionista


  • I’m loving all the bags that you’ve compiled. Though I’m especially taken with Anya Hindmarch’s agate tote, it’s perfection.

    • Thank you, Vanessa! I’m so glad you like them all. And it makes sense that you love the agate tote– after all, it bears a lot in common with your beloved malachite!! 😉