Triumph of the Everyday

J. Crew NYFW

J. Crew NYFW 2

As much as I love the over-the-top ensembles that parade around Fashion Week, J. Crew‘s presentation is probably most likely to make it into my closet every season.  Beyond just being full of clothes to elevate the everyday, seeing each new collection feels like a glimpse into the mind of Jenna Lyons.

The Fall/Winter 2014 collection did not disappoint.  Though it didn’t break any barriers, it was perfectly wearable, and I bet I’m not the only one who is now counting down to its arrival in stores.  In particular, I was excited to see that denim on denim continues to have Jenna’s stamp of approval; I’m thrilled that cropped culotte-like pants are going to be on J. Crew shelves (as they continue to inhabit my fashion fantasies, and sometimes even, reality).  I love the drop-waist dresses and colorblocked faux fur.  And pajama pants + sweatshirts– sign me up.

J. Crew NYFW 3

J. Crew NYFW 4

There’s so much to look forward to.  And, in case you simply can’t wait there’s so much goodness to behold right now at J. Crew.  Here are my current favorites:

***And, in a case of perfect timing, J. Crew is having a 48 hour sale on select items.  Use code HEART214 for 25% off!!  xx


  • kimair

    I had the pleasure of seeing this show, and it was so good! yes, there was a lot of print mixing and such, but under all of that, there are some wonderful individual pieces. can’t wait until it’s pre-order time!

    • Kim,
      How lucky are you?? I’ll be in pre-order line with you! P.S. Did you get to see Jenna in the flesh? If so, I’m dyyyying of envy!