Williams-Sonoma croissonut

My mother alerted me by text at 5.15 this morning that Williams-Sonoma is now selling Croissonuts (a creative word play on the much-ballyhooed Cronut).  The text (sent from the East Coast and arriving on the West at a quite early hour) didn’t wake me up, but I wouldn’t have even minded if it did, because this is exactly the kind of breaking news that requires fast communication (and not some antiquated email, which might just get lost in the shuffle of the overnight email onslaught by every company you’ve ever ordered an item from).

I, like scads of other people, have dreamed of having a Cronut (or its brethren.  Apparently, the “inventor” of the Cronut is territorial about knock-offs, and the use of the name, so Croissonuts, it is).  Word traveled quickly of lines snaking around blocks, imposter cronuts, and the heaven-like experience of tasting this hybrid between the croissant and donut.  Personally, I think croissants are essentially perfect (along with most other French things), so at first I balked at the idea of attempts to make them better.

But word of mouth is a powerful thing.  As is exclusivity.  Hearing repeatedly about how amazing something is, only to be told that you cannot have one, will make you want said thing somewhat desperately.  And then, Jerry Seinfeld took Tina Fey to get one, and my desire ratcheted up another level.

But I don’t have plans to be in New York (home of the Cronut) anytime soon.  And, lets be honest, when I do go, I’m not likely to want to spend precious hours of that time standing in line for a baked good.  So I’m going to dive head-first into Williams-Sonoma’s offering.

Care to join me?  We could have a virtual croissonut party!

Williams-Sonoma’s Croissonut’s are available here.  If you’re nervous about this new hybrid concoction and/or the concept doesn’t appeal to you, I hiiiiighly recommend Williams-Sonoma’s croissants.  They are over-the top delicious, emerging from your oven like piping hot bits of nirvana, and I make sure to serve them every Christmas morning.

Okay, now I’m officially hungry.

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