Let’s Be Still

The Head and the Heart

I’ve been thinking about the passage of time lately.  My kids are growing like weeds, and weeks are passing like seconds.  And the whole thing has me a bit nervous.

Then I heard this song by The Head and the Heart, which seemed to encapsulate the thoughts that were swirling inside me, and I. Couldn’t. Stop. Listening to it.  Or I guess I should say I watched this video of them playing it.

It’s such a beautiful song, that I played it on repeat for at least an hour and still haven’t heard too much of it.  Though I’d heard of the band, I’d never listened to their music before.  Suffice it to say that I downloaded everything I could find by them today and am looking forward to listening to it this weekend.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and plenty of moments to be still!

Photo via Rolling Stone


  • lemead

    You know I love this song too! Thanks for introducing it to me.

    • I was so glad to share it with someone I thought would enjoy it as much as I do, Lindsey!! Isn’t it sooo good?!