My Social Media Sabbatical

Miroslava Duma at FW14 Fashion Shows

It happened almost (but not quite) by accident.  That is to say, I hadn’t planned to take a break from social media.  It just happened.  Because I was feeling overwhelmed.

As it is, it feels like there are 52 platforms out there that are constantly being updated.  You could literally check social media all day every day, if you wanted to.  And there would always be something new there.  Between Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and probably a few hip new ones I don’t even know enough to be on yet, it can get to feel overwhelming.  Particularly as a blogger, where you’re expected to be active on at least a few of these platforms, it can all feel like a constant barrage of information about others’ lives (and your own, if you’re sharing as well).

And Fashion Week (er, Month) can exacerbate it all.  Oh look!  It’s snowing in New York!  They’re eating macarons!  Ooh, she’s with Diane von Furstenberg!  She’s backstage getting makeup tips from the artists at Proenza Schouler!  It looks warm in Milan!  Ahhh, that croissant looks delicious!  Ooh, they’re in front of the Eiffel Tower!  If ever you’re going to have FOMO (fear of missing out), it’s likely to crop up during Fashion Week, as the fashion set jets across the globe going to shows, parties, openings, etc., etc.  Keeping up with their schedules (even on Instagram) can be exhausting.  Even if your own day bears little resemblance to those you’re viewing from afar.

So one day, somewhere around the start of Paris Fashion Week, I just stopped.  Stopped checking, stopped updating, stopped thinking about what anyone else was doing on Instagram, etc.

It’s felt good.  Like a recalibrating back to my own life (and what I think of it, without concern of how it photographs or what witty description I can come up with for Twitter).  Just living.  Enjoying the moment.  Not contemplating how to share it with the world.

And, just as I felt like my self-imposed sabatical was ready to be lifted, I attempted to get on Twitter, just to find that it was down.  At first, it made me feel a little panicky.  (Ahhh!! I had something I wanted to share!  How long is this going to be down?)  And then it felt like a sign to keep the sabattical going a little longer.

I’ve now begun to ease my self-imposed hiatus, but I’m taking baby steps.  Because as much as I love the inspiration and friendships that social media allows, I don’t want to miss what’s right in front of me either.  Even if it’s not Insta-worthy.

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  • Such an insightful post Ali and everything you said rings so true. I definitely think that taking breaks here and there away from all that comes with the blogging world is just completely needed. And I think it’s awesome that you did that. “I don’t want to miss what’s right in front of me either”. Couldn’t agree with you more! 🙂

    • Thank you, T! I definitely feel like it was good for me to step away for a little. It was a good reminder of what’s real, and what’s really important to me.