Cropped: An Evolution

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I’ll admit that when I first heard that crop tops were coming back into fashion, I was not happy about it.  Mildly pissed, actually.  Okay, yes, that’s a strong reaction to a fashion trend, but at my age (and after having two kids), that particular trend felt like an assault on my reality.  Who can wear a crop top after, say, age 18?  And, I should be clear: I didn’t wear them then either.

When I was young enough that my parents had a say in how I dressed, I’m sure I had a sense that crop tops just weren’t appropriate.  And after that, they just seemed like punishment.  Why voluntarily show your gut, after all?  Doesn’t a crop top demand perfection?  Doesn’t it allow strangers to see whether you’ve just eaten a meal?

Hence, my reaction– why would anyone voluntarily wear such a garment?  So, at first I just ignored the trend.  While paging through magazines, I’d say to myself, “Well, there’s one thing I don’t have to think about.  Next!”

But, gradually, as crop tops revealed their staying power (it’s now been at least two seasons of crop-topping), and more and more Instagram pictures of people celebrating the workouts that led to their crop top victories emerged, I started to rethink my feelings about the item of clothing that had previously sworn off.

Now, I’m intrigued by the crop top.  Mildly interested in wearing one.  Although I still fear that I won’t be able to sit, breathe, or eat while wearing one (okay, I’m just a touch paranoid), I imagine what it would feel like to have the guts (so to speak) to wear a crop top.

And, luckily, there are a host of ways to wear crop tops without letting it all hang out.  Firstly, there are a ton of options that show just a sliver of skin (rather than the whole shebang).  That’s one way of doing it.  Then, you can wear something less revealing on the bottom half, like Bermuda shorts, a mid-length or pencil skirt, wide legged trousers. . .  And you can always wear something on top too– like an jean jacket, blazer, button down shirt left open. . .  Plus, there’s this cool option of wearing another shirt underneath (even a long button down shirt, as in the photograph above, which wouldn’t have occurred to me).  Not a bad idea, eh?

So, who knows?  One of these days you may see me sporting a crop top.  One thing writing this blog has taught me is to never say never in the fashion department.  Because things that are hopelessly gauche one day (hello backpacks, fanny packs, neon, etc., etc.) can be over-the-top hip the next.  And besides, maybe life’s too short to wear a long shirt every darn day.  Especially when it’s cropped brethren have started calling your name.

What are your feelings on the crop top?  I’m dying to know.

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