from my post to yours card

Spring is here, and it feels like new beginnings are all around.  So it seems about right that I’m getting another whack at one of my New Year’s Resolutions now.

This weekend, there was an article in the New York Times about thank you notes and how they’re experiencing a resurgence in popularity and importance.  In a time when we can communicate instantly with just about anyone with a few clicks on a screen, a handwritten note has a special place and even more meaning.  I know this, because I love getting real handwritten mail so much, myself.  How exciting is it to open the mailbox and, among all the random catalogs, bills, and detritus to find a card or handwritten note?

So, one of my goals for myself this year was to write more honest-to-goodness, pen-to-paper letters/cards/etc.  Of my handful of resolutions, this one has gotten less attention than the others, so the Times article felt like a good reminder.

I’m going to recommit myself to this one.

Stationery pictured by Sugar Paper

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