Spring Break

Laguna Beach

We are celebrating our kids’ Spring Break by getting to know Southern California a little bit better.  So far, so amazing.  The combination of steep hills and ocean views is pretty irresistible.  And we’ve lucked out with good weather, as the forecast looked pretty grim as we boarded the plane this weekend.

I’m also reading a great book, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow (I want to get deeper into it, so I have more to share).

In our house, we always end the day talking about what the best part of our day was.  Today, my favorite part of the day was watching a bunch of kids at the hotel (including mine) sing their hearts out in unison to the soundtrack of Frozen.  It was precious, and I keep replaying it in my head.  The overwhelming joy in the room was pretty priceless. 

I’d say it was a good day.

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