Long Lush Lashes Without Mascara

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I recently discovered the power of eyelashes.  Until a few months ago, I never thought too much about them.  I’d wear mascara and notice, briefly, if someone had super-long eyelashes (and quickly move on to more pressing matters).

But a couple months ago, I noticed one of the trainers at my gym looking particularly beautiful (though she was wearing her typical workout clothes).  When I asked what she was doing differently, she said that she was using a Latisse-like  solution on her eyelashes (which makes the eyelashes grow). I couldn’t believe that her eyelashes could have such an effect on how she looked (because I didn’t notice her eyelashes, just that she looked gorgeous).  I basically forgot about it until a few weeks later, when I noticed that the trainer I worked with was looking particularly lovely.  When she told me that she was also using this solution on her eyelashes, I resolved to pull my own Latisse out again, and start using it again.

The trouble with Latisse, for me, is that it makes my eyelids super red/purple and dry (not the most beautiful look).  So when I read about eyelash extensions (and saw the results), I was ready to try them.  I scoured Yelp for good reviews, and as soon as I could get an appointment, I had eyelash extensions applied.

Eyelash extensions are basically dozens of faux eyelashes glued on (each separately or in small groups) to your own eyelashes.  They make you look like a more super model-like version of yourself.  And the additional miracle is, with these extensions, you don’t need to use mascara!!!  (Or an eyelash curler, for that matter.)  The process is super relaxing (you lay down to have the eyelashes applied, and I fall asleep within minutes).  It’s easy (hence, you can sleep through it).  Some people just get eyelash extensions for special occasions (like their wedding, special parties, etc.), but if you choose to reapply them, you should normally do it every 2-3 weeks.

I have had to make a few changes as a result of the eyelash extensions.  I have to wash my face differently– you can’t rub your eyes vigorously with water, for instance (there’s a special cleanser you can use, or just wash around your eye area).  But I’m totally used to it now.  No big deal.  And I have to sleep a little differently (because I normally sleep on my face), but I’ve gotten used that too.  (I just sleep slightly on the side of my face.  Also not a big deal.)

Let’s just say I’m a fan (as evidenced by the fact that I’ve added this process to my routine).  And I won’t add anything to my routine if it’s not  completely additive– who has the time for even one more thing these days?  But not having to put mascara on gives me valuable minutes back in the morning that feel priceless.  And people have been telling me I look good (though they can’t quite place what it is– a bunch of people have said my skin looks really good, but when I tell them about my eyelashes, they realize that’s what they had been thinking of).  And who couldn’t get used to that?

I go to LashSpot SF, and highly recommend it.


  • I concur completely! All of my girlfriends who have tried lash extensions look stunning. You’re exactly right that it’s hard to place what’s different about them, until they divulge their secret. I’m scheduled for an appointment to get a set next week myself. Will keep you posted on the results!

    • Ooh, I can’t wait to hear what you think of your new lashes, Vanessa! I think you’ll love them. Isn’t it funny that eyelashes could make so much difference? Who knew?!