On Display

view of the bay

coffee selection at Spruce

San Francisco, which is known for its cooler temperatures compared to the rest of California (particularly during the summer) has been experiencing gorgeous weather and unusually hot temperatures this week.  It’s the perfect time to show my mother around, as she’s visiting from New England, which has been experiencing its own unusual weather (in the opposite direction).

For the past few days, I’ve been wearing flip flops and sundresses (two pieces of my wardrobe which don’t often make it out of my closet, unless I’m traveling outside the city).  It’s a welcome change, and I’ve been loving every minute of this short-lived tropical weather pattern.  The city’s views have been on gorgeous display amidst all of this sun and warmth.

This afternoon, my husband and I took my mother out to lunch and witnessed something else I love about San Francisco.  This city is serious about its coffee.  This is evident in the coffee menu pictured above from the restaurant we ate at (Spruce, one of my all-time favorites).  I’ve never seen such an extensive coffee menu outside of a coffee shop.  Isn’t it impressive?  Even though I normally stick to a pretty staid coffee routine, it was too much to pass up the opportunity to try one of these vividly described options, so I tried the Ethiopian Gedeo, and it was delicious. It made me wish I knew a little more about coffee.  Yet another of the effects San Francisco has over people, apparently.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend!

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