Quick Change

Rochas Flats Stan Smith sneakers

Today, while wearing one outfit, I wore two different pairs of shoes (one for the first half of the day, when I had a meeting and a lunch with a friend, and the other when I went about the rest of my day– which involved mostly chasing after my kids).  The two pairs of shoes in question were in stark contrast to each other– one gold and bedazzled, the other a throwback pair of Stan Smith sneakers.  I love them both, just about equally, though they accomplish different things.  I’d happily spend most days switching between them.  They’re like the two sides of my life, equally part of me.  One sparkly, one utilitarian, both fashionable in their own ways.

How about you?  Which is your favorite?  Do you have two (or more) different sides of your personality which require different shoes?

From left: Rochas metallic flats (similar herehere, herehere, and here), Stan Smith Adidas sneakers


  • Wooow, amazing Rochas Ali <3
    I actually like both. Oh wait, I actually love all your shoes <3


    • Thank you so much, Alex! I’ll admit that I have a weakness for shoes. And your collection is amazing!