Denim’s New Frontier

Amanda Brooks Zara denim dress

In case it hasn’t been apparent, I’ve been loving denim in every possible guise lately– from jeans (obvi), to crop topsculottes, and dresses. . . .  And now I’ve found an entirely new entity that never occurred to me before– the strapless denim dress.  I mean, in hindsight, it should have occurred to me that this was the next frontier of denim, but until I saw it, I never knew how necessary a midi denim frock could be.  It seems the perfect piece to wear to a cookout (hello, 4th of July!!) or on a hot summer date.

I’d wear it with these sandals and this bag (and how about this hat?).  Ahhhh, summer.  Then, in the fall, you could pair it with a blazer.  And, if you need another denim option, check out this jumpsuit!

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