Summer Mornings

lipstick morning

I think, of everyone in my family, I may be the most excited that school’s out.  There’s something about the leisurely mornings we spend without having to rush to school that feel totally indulgent and magical.  We have time to play games and goof around before heading to camp, and I, for one, love every minute of it.

All of this free time is how yesterday morning turned into an escapade in which my kids covered themselves in princess lipstick.  I was there for the whole thing, probably egging them on with my laughter (and the fact that I was photographing the entire thing).  What started out as my daughter applying a few coats of pale pink lipstick, its tube emblazoned with fairies and princesses, turned into a free-for-all that concluded with both my son and daughter covered in lipstick from head to toe.

It was hysterical, although princess lipstick seems more difficult to remove than everyday makeup.  It required soap, water, and two different kinds of makeup remover to finally (mostly) rid my kids of evidence of our wild morning (and I think my son still went to camp with some pink lipstick on the collar of his superhero shirt).

So, we were nearly late for camp, thanks to the un-planned for removal process.  Being late stresses me out.  But it was totally worth it, because I can tell this is a memory that will live long past today.  It’ll always be the warm summer morning we laughed our heads off as my kids covered themselves in lipstick.  And reminiscing about it kept me laughing all day long.

Here’s to a weekend full of wonderful summer memories!


  • Robbie K

    Just opened this this morning as we were getting ready for camp – we all laughed out loud, including Hami! She can’t believe how big Gabs and Gray are!

    Missing you guys.

    • I’m glad we could provide you all with some laughter!! It makes me laugh every time I look at it too. 🙂 And, yes, they are huge. It’s all moving soo fast.

      Miss you guys! Give Hami a hug for us.