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Mira Duma by Tommy Ton

Though in my life I’m still wearing sundresses, in my head I am living in Fall.  I dream of capes and sweaters, boots and button-downs.  But the thing I’m truly most jazzed about when it comes to the upcoming season is something we all have in our closets: jeans.

I can’t believe it, because normally by this time in the summer, I’m wishing I had the kind of life that necessitated lots of wide-leg pants or full-length skirts or over-the-top fur Mongolian fur chubby coats.  After viewing scads of beautiful Fall clothes built for the office (or the disco), I’m usually dreaming of an entirely different existence to justify the clothes of the season.

But this year, thanks perhaps to Normcore, or casual Friday, or the uniform of the tech industry, or even a slight brush with my own reality, everything (or nearly) that I want to wear, I envision pairing with jeans.  It’s about a practical as possible, and I’m thrilled.  This year, the clothes that women really wear around their lives are the clothes that designers are showing.  Crazy, isn’t it?  In fact, the covers of three of the biggest fashion magazines currently show women on the cover wearing jeans (and, in one case, in a denim on denim get-up– just to drive the point home).

This is fabulous for a number of reasons: 1) everyone has and looks good in jeans;  2)  If you’re wearing jeans on the bottom, you can focus on the top of your outfit; and that gives you more leeway to look for the perfect top, sweater, coat, etc.; 3) unless you work in a prim office, you can start and end your day in the same outfit.  How perfectly practical is that?

My favorite jeans for the season are a light-to-mid-blue wash with a little bit of tearing at the knees (not over-the-top tearing, though.  I don’t quite get the look that revolves around jeans that look like they’ve been through a paper shredder. . . twice.)  I love this pair so much, I just ordered another one, because I envision wearing them with absolutely everything this Fall.  If you’re looking for something you may not already have in your closet, patchwork denim is making a comeback– isn’t this pair fun?  Flares are making a comeback too– so the 70s are clearly having a resurgence, right down to your jeans.

So, there you have it– the best news in fashion in a long time.

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