Ice Cream is Summer

BuddhaBerry Yogurt

Yesterday my son and I struck out try the latest ice cream (well, actually frozen yogurt) shop in Sag Harbor (and also the talk of the town and Page Six), BuddhaBerry.  It was delicious, and they have roughly a zillion toppings (okay, maybe just shy of that).  My son emerged with blue Smurf ice cream with chocolate-covered pretzels (as only a three year-old can), and we both emerged with smiles.

It’s funny how ice cream leaves such vivid memories.  I have so many fond reminiscences of going to get ice cream with my family as a kid.  I’m not even really an “ice cream person” if I’m being honest (although I’m pretty sure nearly every child would describe themselves as an “ice cream person”), but something about the cold on a hot day and the experience of setting out with only a dessert as a goal that leaves a strong mental impression.

To me, summer means so many things, including trips to get ice cream.  I hope my kids are forming similarly fond memories of it this summer.

blue ice cream!

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