June/July Book Club– Me Before You

Me Before You

HO-LY HECK.  I have just finished our first book club pick (a week late, which I owe you apologies for.  My travel and visitor schedule interrupted my reading plans, but I think it might be even better that I’m able to write this review with my cheeks still tear-stained from its reading).

Me Before You surprised me.  I had read a review that inspired me to buy it, but Vanessa and I picked it on something of a whim for our book club.  And when I picked it up to actually read it, the liner notes terrified me.  I wasn’t sure I was up for a book about a quadriplegic who is contemplating suicide and the ordinary young woman who enters his life as his caretaker.

So it took me a while to actually read past the first few pages.  But it’s a book that will sit with me for a while.  The characters, Will and Louisa, are drawn so vividly and so realistically, I’m still reminding myself that they are not, in fact, real.  Once I got into it and had the time to read this book, I could hardly put it down.

If you haven’t yet read it, I do not in any way want to deter you from reading it by telling too much.  In fact, I think you might want to get to reading it right now!  I so want to talk about this book and hear what you thought of it.

I really loved it.  It’s so thought-provoking and affecting when you least expect it.  It made me think so much about life and how it is to be lived.

If you’ve read it, pleeeeeeassse tell me what you thought of it*.  Let’s get a conversation started. . . .

And, in case we need somewhere to start, I loved this question in the back of my copy of this book (the paperback version):

Before his accident, Will was a philanderer and a corporate raider who would probably never have given Louisa a second look.  Why is it that people are so often to see what’s truly important until they’ve experienced loss? –Do you think this is true?

Tell me what you’re thinking. . . . I can hardly wait!



*If you comment, you’ll not only contribute to fascinating conversation, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice or to win a copy of our next book club pick!  Com’mon, you know you want to!!


  • Safiya Sideek

    I loved this book so much! Like I didnt expect it to be so good but it just struck so hard. I really thought he wouldn’t go through with the treatment. I really believed she was going to save him. But the fact that she wasn’t enough for him, it was so heartbreaking. But I can imagine myself in his place, when he couldnt even hug her when she came out of the maze.

    But till the last moment i was really hoping and praying he would change his mind.

    Gaaahh i cried a lot for this book! Still cant get over it and its been a month!

    • Safiya- I wrote back to you days ago, but it’s not showing up for some reason. I apologize!

      I was really hoping she’d save him too, but I also appreciated that perhaps the ending was more ‘realistic’ than the happy ending I tend to prefer. Either way, the situation is so heartbreaking and thought-provoking.

      I keep thinking about both the characters and have to remind myself that they’re not real people. They were so well-described in the book that I truly felt like they were real. And I’m dying to know what happened to Louisa!!


      • Safiya Sideek

        Ali – Aww its okay. Im glad you replied anyway.
        Yea this book really struck a nerve but true, the realistic take was better. And this book hit hard because I could slightly relate to it. Something like this happened recently to me. Not that the guy was paralysed, lol, but like he needed more than just my love and it wasn’t enough for him and he had to go on. The book made me realise that there are greater loves that don’t survive sometimes and that men are just very adamant with their decisions and you cant budge them. They are not emotional creatures like us. He loved her a lot and she gave him so much but he was very realistic about his decision. Sadly.
        I love how he made Louisa a better person. His letter in the end, oh god. True, I wonder what happened to er. Hope she lives in Paris. I feel sad that she has to go on and meet someone new. She was such an amazing character though. The way she just danced with him on the wedding floor.
        Im seriously to find another book to move on but I can’t! Nothing seems good enough. I have decided to read the GoldFinch. Is it any good? The reviews were amazing.

        • Safiya- I hope that you (and Louisa) will be happier in the end though things didn’t work out as you’d both wished (see, I forget she’s not real 😉 ).

          I agree with you– I loved how Will made Louisa better. And his letter at the end was so amazing.

          I’ve heard that the author’s other books are awesome too, and she has a new one out, so you could read that! 😉

          I’ve loved what I’ve read of the Goldfinch, but I haven’t finished it. I recently spoke to a friend who was let down by the latter parts of the book, but I can’t say from experience. I’m hoping to pick it back up again, but there are so many books I want to read, I’m not sure when it’s gonna happen! 😉

          Thank you for your thoughtful comments!! You are the winner of a $100 gift certificate to the book seller of your choice (a store or website)!! I’ll contact you to get your information.


          • Safiya Sideek

            Haha thankyou!

            Yep I have downloaded all her books on iBooks 😀 but currently reading GoldFinch. I’ll let you know how I found it once I’m done. Ooh and StoryTeller by Jodi Picoult was another amazing book. So good.

            Ohmygod wow! Lol thankyou so much! My email is safiya.sideek@live.com Thats so cool

          • Safiya Sideek

            Oh i didnt hear a reply from you. Did you have any issues with my email id? Hoping for that awesome gift certificate! 😀

          • Safiya-
            My apologies for the delay! Check your inbox now. 🙂


        • Oops, I thought I had your email address, but I don’t. Please let me know how I can contact you for your gift certificate!!


  • Congrats to Safiya on her giveaway win! I so enjoyed her insight into the book as I did yours, Ali! I can’t wait to see what people think of our next read. It’s a juicy one.