Pressed Juicery juices

Friends, I am in deep.  As the above photo of the interior of my refrigerator shows, I have fallen head-over-heels in love with Juice Press and its wares.  Despite falling hard off the healthy eating bandwagon around the 4th of July (and the 10 or so days before. . . okay, and a few after), I am back on, and Juice Press is certainly doing its part toward helping that cause.

I love a green juice as much as the next gal (in mid-2014), but these juices are special.  I am in no way an expert (other than I’ve tried a bunch of juices, and made my own over the years), but these are seriously good.  Besides the fact that they’re raw, organic, vegan, and not high pressure pascalized (which I don’t really understand, but maybe that means something to you), there are a zillion combinations, and they are truly delicious.

The menu at Juice Press reads like a novel (it’s soooo long, and as a beginner, I really am only getting started).  But every juice I try is more delicious than the last.  And they have super healthy prepared foods (including a rad kale chip that I devoured this evening without thinking twice), aaaaand here’s the kicker– they deliver throughout the United States (a massive relief, because I’m already stressing about how I’ll live without a Juice Press around the corner when I return to the West Coast).

Have you tried it?  Mmmmm…

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