Should I, Shouldn’t I?

Burberry cape

Oh man.  I cannot get this cape off my mind.  Sure, it might seem silly, because it’s roughly 80 degrees and summer.  So a cape is not at all what my body is needing right now.  But.  It will be Fall soon enough, and by then, this cape will likely be long gone (because faster clickers will have taken it before I could make up my mind).

Why do I do this to myself?  Why do I get fixated on an item and spend every one of my free moments trying to project into the future, imagining how often I will (or won’t) wear it if it becomes mine?  Why am I having trouble concentrating on other things while I try to sort this conundrum out?

This is not the first time it’s happened, surely.  But I’m having trouble recollecting how all the other times turned out.  The trouble is that roughly half of the time, the item in question got away and then I spent months dreaming futilely of it (and trying to curb the envy that ensued when I viewed others wearing said item).  And then about a quarter of the time I bought the item only to wear it much less than my previous obsession might have suggested.  Finally, I’d say a quarter of the time, I bought the item and loved it to death, as fashion intended.

I’m no good at math, but where do these numbers leave me?  It seems like, if I’m adding correctly, 75% of the time, buying the item makes sense, no?  So should I go for it?

What are your thoughts on this pressing matter?

Here’s what I’d wear with it–



  • I say go for it! It’s a beautiful piece and I’m sure you’ll wear it for years to come. It’d look fab on you babe! 🙂 xxT

    • Eeeeeeee!!!!! I want it so much, T! I feel like I’m already going overboard on Fall finds. And it’s only July! What are you into for Fall?


      • Hehe, I guess it’s never too early to start thinking ahead. 😉 I haven’t really started thinking of my Fall wishlist but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Get the cape! 😉

  • Megan Tsang

    YES! I think you could totally rock this!

    • Thanks Megan! Oh man. . . this might have to happen! I hope you’re having a great summer! I miss seeing you.