The View From Here

out the plane window

I find the sky so calming.  When things feel overwhelming, I love looking up at the sky.  It makes everything feel like it’s going to work out, like we’re all in this together, like everything has a plan.

For this reason, I love sitting in the window seat of an airplane and looking out at the view.  Yesterday on my flight, there were some particularly gorgeous sights.  I spent so much time gazing out and trying to soak it all in.  It helped to clear my mind and calm me down. Even now, I’m so awed by these shots.  Such amazing beauty.

This is a beautiful world.  Have a wonderful weekend!

out the plane window 2

out the plane window 3


  • Robbie K

    Perfect timing for me to read this post. We miss you.

    • We miss you, dude!!! Hope to see you soon.