Carolyn Bessette and the Return of Flared Denim

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy jeans

I have found myself inspired (again) by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s style of late.  The influence of 90s minimalism in the Fall collections brought her to mind, and poring through photos of her has reminded me why she is a style icon for the ages.  When looking at photos of her nearly two decades ago, one has to be reminded that they were, in fact, taken so long ago.  Because they look truly timeless today.

And after a years-long love affair with skinny and boyfriend jeans, Carolyn’s denim choices look fresh again.  Her straight and bootcut styles (now called “flares”) look new and entirely chic.  I’ve been pulling mine out and looking for new styles that call to mind her look.  Because I’d wear exactly the outfit she has on in this photo today.

Shop jeans inspired by Carolyn’s look here:

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