Fall Shopping List

Fall Shopping List

It’s here!  The most wonderful time of the fashion year!  And this year is particularly good, in so many ways.  After many seasons filled with wild color, outrageous prints, and the mixing of all of the above, this season fashion feels more relaxed and timelessly wearable.  This season the focus is on comfort, texture, and classic shapes.

First up, the red shoe.  This season red is a big color, but not just in its fire engine variety.  It’s also arrived in a gorgeous stream of maroons, oxbloods, and burgundies.  And, because so much of the rest of this season’s palette is neutral, footwear is a perfect place to introduce these stunning colors.  There are so many beautiful red shoes out there this season, the only trouble is choosing one.

The next must-have this season is the blanket scarf/cape.  Now, “what is a blanket scarf?,” you may ask. It’s basically a super large scarf.  All the better to wrap up in and cuddle up (and pray that this winter we all forget the meaning of “polar vortex.”)  Capes have been around for ages, but this season, there are some real gems.  In gorgeous hues and delicious textures, this season’s capes beg to be added to your repertoire.

Chunky knits are calling my name this season (and yours– can you hear them?).  Yummy, thick sweaters are bountiful this season, particularly in cream and gray (and there’s one with both, if you can’t make up your mind).  These sweaters just beg to be worn (perhaps under your blanket scarf or cape?) and luxuriated in.

White cotton shirts are back with a vengeance this Fall, ready to be paired with pretty much anything you own– trousers, skirts, jeans . . . not to mention all the items already listed above.  Didn’t I tell you things were getting a bit more classic this season?  But some of these white shirts also happen to be in new shapes and with new details you haven’t seen before (oh, and sometimes they’re blue too).  Things in the white shirt aisle just got even more interesting.

Denim is evvvvverything this season (well, maybe every season of our real lives, but in fashion too, this season). Because the look right now is so stripped down and, well, normal, jeans are taking center stage. And there are so many great versions to choose from. Chief among them: well-loved (a.k.a distressed) denim, grey jeans, and flared ones as well. So many fab options, so little time (luckily they can be worn over and over, taking their cost per wear to, basically, free).

When winter comes, what helps us brave the dark days until spring comes more than a cozy coat? Approximately nothing. Luckily, this year, cozy coats are the name of the game. And many of them look almost cozy enough to be bathrobes (with their relaxed shapes and ties at the waist), which really is a step in the name of inspired evolution, if you ask me.

Menswear-inspired shoes are sticking around and getting taken to the next level this season.  Whereas oxfords have made sense for a few years now, now penny loafers are making complete sense and looking cooler than, perhaps, ever.

Grey makes sense in every incarnation this season, and none moreso than in handbag form.  It’s a neutral that goes with everything, and looks fresher than black.  I’ve been counting the moments to wear my grey handbags, and that moment has officially arrived.  If you’d rather a color, I’m banking on burgundy.

Sneakers are having a prolonged moment in the spotlight, and were shown for this season with absolutely everything, including skirtsuits and ball gowns at Chanel.  Nothing is more comfortable, and now, nothing looks chicer.


  • Sandra Camp

    LOVE THIS POST!!! preordered the fabulous cream rag and bone sweater and NEED to get that thakoon shirt- i remember seeing a pic of you in it and kept meaning to ask where it was from! question- how does it run? size wise! thanks for this post- pretty sure it won’t be the last time i shop from it 🙂 xo

    • I’m so glad you like it!! I’ve been planning it for ages. . . 🙂 The Thakoon shirt runs true to size in my experience.