Hamptons Designer Showhouse Tour, Part I

Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2014 Bathroom 2 ed

Hamptons Designer Showhouse MBathroom

Each summer, one of the highlights of my time on the East Coast is checking out the Hamptons Designer Showhouse.  It is always enthralling, over-the-top, and inspiring.  This year’s house was no exception.

I wanted to start my tour of the house with my favorite room: the master bathroom.  Designed by Elsa R. Soyars Interiors, it was full of unexpected touches and ideas worth replicating.  First: its colors.  The emerald green accents are so striking as you walk into the room.  Though it’s not a color I normally think of when decorating, I love its use in this room.  It adds a bold touch to the otherwise mostly neutral room, and I found it surprisingly inviting.  There are also additional jolts of other bright colors (like hot pink, violet, and lemon yellow) which made their mark in small doses as well.  Despite the fact that the room is mostly white and grey, the use bold color is striking.

Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2014 Bathroom 3 ed

The next surprising detail worth replicating: texture.  The first texture you notice when you walk into the room is, of course, the large emerald green rug (festooned with a leopard).  It is a surprisingly large rug for a bathroom, adding an instant jolt of texture.  But that is just the beginning.  The wallpaper in one area of the bathroom is an ivory grasscloth bejeweled with grey stones (I’d never seen such a thing before, have you?  There’s a more detailed shot of it below.).  In the water closet, the wallpaper is a silvery grasscloth.  Then there is the fluffy sheepskin chair, and the cool geometric patterns in both the lighting fixture and the pattern of the marble floor, the green urns, and various metallic details.  So much beautiful texture; the eye is drawn from one thing to the next as you explore the room.

Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2014 Bathroom 4 ed

Finally, and this might be my favorite detail: lacquer.  The grey lacquered vanity is just breathtaking.  Grey is one of my favorite colors to use in a home, and I loved seeing it used in this unexpected way. It also is just another interesting use of texture to create a beautiful room.

Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2014 Bathroom 5 ed

Speaking of which, here is a closer look at the bejeweled wallpaper:

Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2014 Bathroom 6 ed

It’s such an unexpected detail, isn’t it?  Can you see why this room really captivated me?  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  And, unlike some rooms in designer show houses, which can be overrun with too much pattern and overwhelming details, this one had just enough of everything.  It just draws you in and calls you to notice its different features without ever feeling like it was crazily over-the-top.

I ended up going back to this room after touring the rest of the house (which I will be showing you as well) to check this room out again.  It’s a beauty.


  • Sandra Camp

    amazing! i have heard very great things about this showcase- would love to come out one year and go with you 🙂

    • Sandra-
      That would be such fun! This year, it didn’t open until July 20. 🙁