Ice Cream, Up a Notch

Bootleg Creamery

Until recently, I would have denied that I was an “ice cream person.”  I liked ice cream, but mostly as a delivery device for the stuff within (or on top of it)– bits of cookies, say, or strawberries and Heath Bar crunch.

But then I realized that I was seriously enjoying night after night forays to the freezer for a new kind of artisanal ice cream.  And that I’ve written about ice cream at least three times now on this blog.

So I guess I need to scrap all that and just admit I like ice cream.  And I need to tell you about my latest find– which has taken my feelings about ice cream to a whole new (and even higher) level.

Are you ready???  Here it is: Cap’n Crunch ice cream.  Can you imagine anything more wonderful?  Personally, it’s pretty hard for me to conjure a better ice cream flavor, and I think the woman who came up with it is a veritable genius.

Her name is Jessica Rollison, and she makes all kinds of “artisanal and avant garde” ice cream at her place, Bootleg Creamery in Berkeley, California (which she then delivers all over the East Bay and San Francisco.  You can place an order on Bootleg Creamery’s website).  Some of her flavors include Earl Grey, Campfire S’mores, Mango Sriracha Sorbet, and Strawberry Basil Sorbet.  Not to mention the aforementioned wonder of ice creamdom, Cap’n Crunch ice cream.

I feel that, to be fair, I should describe what Cap’n Crunch ice cream is like.  Because you may not have tried it, and maybe, unlike me, the mere words “Cap’n Crunch ice cream” don’t strike you as the best thing since avocado toast.  When Jessica delivered the ice cream, it came in a plain white container with “Cap’n Crunch” handwritten on it, accompanied by a baggie full of Cap’n Crunch ice cream with crunch berrries, no less.  If this means nothing to you, than you have clearly not tried the best sugar cereal ever invented.  If it does mean something to you, than likely you are salivating by now.  Anyway, you complete the genius of Cap’n Crunch ice cream by ladling some cereal on top of it.  But the actual ice cream is (by the grace of God or yet another act of brilliance on Jessica’s part) somehow infused with Cap’n Crunch flavor.

Cap'n Crunch ice cream

It is delicious and unforgettable, and midway through my first bowl of it, I had to call my brother in Connecticut and brag:

Me: “You’ll never guess what I’m eating right now.”

Him: “Ummm… No I won’t.  What are you eating right now?”

Me: “Cap’n Crunch ice cream.”

Him: “No way.  That’s a thing?”

Me: “Yes, and it’s delicious.”

Him: “Oh my God, I’m so jealous.”

Or something like that because by that point I was in an ecstatic reverie of deliciousness.  I highly suggest you try this ice cream. It’s insanely deliciously good.  And totally unique (although something tells me that when the corporate conglomerate behind Cap’n Crunch gets wind of this, they’ll be whipping up their own version of it.  But it won’t be nearly as good, I assure you).

Happy weekend!


  • That sounds so delish as I totally love that cereal. I’ll most def have to try it when I’m in the bay. Thanks for sharing! xx

    • Ooh, you have to try it T!!! It’s heaven, and it takes one of the best cereals ever to another level. I miss you!