Fall has already been a whirlwind around here.  (We have birthdays and back-to-school and a million and one events as Fall kicks off.)  But it’s about to get a whole lot whirlwindier.  Because today I’m jetting off to New York City to partake in New York Fashion Week.  I’ve been to NYFW before, but this time I’m doing something seriously special: I’m going to a maaaajor fashion show for one of my favorite design houses.

I’m over-the-moon and a little bit verklempt.  This is dreams-coming-true territory, people.  Can you stand it?  I barely can.

I’d love to take you along with me (can you please help me pick my outfits and make sure I don’t stumble in front of Tommy Ton?)!  So be sure to follow along with the whole ride (and let me know your thoughts) on my Instagram.  I’ll see you in NY!!


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